Multipack "Sluttseddel"

What is a "Sluttseddel"
A Norwegian statutory reporting of catches and landings, with a Norwegian standard code set (NS 9400) for the product, species, quality, applications, hunting gear and hunting fields, etc.
Printing of contract note on the form adapted to laser and inkjet printer.

Electronic exchange of slips and bounces between fish buyer and sales organization. Receipt of final bills are received within a few minutes from the sales team.

Industrial PC connected to a scale
Integration with Multipack with registration of weighing from the scale will streamline the registration work. "Sluttseddel" is created directly on the terminal. The terminal also comes with wireless connection.

Approved by the Norwegian Fishermen's Sales Organisation
Multipack Sluttseddel has been tested and approved by the Norwegian Fishermen's Sales Organisation.

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Automatisk veiejournal iht. landingsforskriften

Multipack Journal genererer nå en automatisk veiejournal iht. landingsforskriften dersom du har Multipack Innveiing.

Sync pakkedata og sedler til skyen

Nå kan du syncronisere dine pakkedata og dine sluttsedler rett i skyen. Tilgang via mobil. Enklere blir det ikke.