For small business

Multipack improves and simplifies things also for small producers. Multipack gives you access to a complete computer system for labeling with bar codes and inventory management. Less paper work gives more time for production.

Multipack has a new, modern interface inspired by Microsoft Office 2007.


Get an overview of what you have in stock

Multipack offers inventory management, enrollment in and out of stock. This provides an overview of what is at any given time are in stock of raw materials and finished goods.

Switch to Multipack

It may be easier and more affordable than you think.

We have a special hotline so you can get support outside of normal opening hours.


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Automatisk veiejournal iht. landingsforskriften

Multipack Journal genererer nå en automatisk veiejournal iht. landingsforskriften dersom du har Multipack Innveiing.

Sync pakkedata og sedler til skyen

Nå kan du syncronisere dine pakkedata og dine sluttsedler rett i skyen. Tilgang via mobil. Enklere blir det ikke.