Electronic distribution of production data to customers and exporters

Multipack's web solution makes it easier to provide electronic transmission of orders / packet data. Customers and export companies can gain access to production data through their own login with only their orders and production data available. Export of files and reporting is available. They can also set up their own item numbers linked to the system so the integration to the business system will work nearly seamless.

Track the origin of the fish by entering a unique tracking number. The box identification number  is usually used. You can also offer online tracking on multiple levels from the supplier (fish) and to the customer. 

The system can be integrated with existing or new website. Maintenance and updates can be made directly online.

Integration with several types of financial systems
Multipack has solutions for data export to most of business systems.avoid double work and reduce possible errors with a nearly seamless transmission of data to financial systems for invoicing, accounting, CRM and trading. (Excl. Visma, Maritech Trading, Unimicro).

Tracking, documentation and quality control
MultiPack Web lets you upload your own quality documents associated with specific orders and productions. This solution can provide a complete overview to the end user, where the fish are caught,  fishingboat name and identification,  fishing gear,  weights and other general registration data.


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